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  • In general, we strive for equal playing time within each game.

CTB's Balanced Playing Time Philosophy

At CTB we know that every player wants to play, and every player wants to win. We carefully manage this balance across the variety of skill levels in our league, because we understand that the basketball experience can quickly become dispiriting when such balance is out of whack. Our Balanced Playing Time Philosophy is our way of ensuring all CTB players gain the most development and confidence they can while at the same time experiencing and enjoying the competitive spirit at the heart of the game of basketball:

  • On the occasions there isn't equal playing time in a game, we strive to balance it out across other games within the season.

  • Substitutions will generally be full-squad rotations (5-in/5-out). We will mix up squads across games to give players experience with all teammates.

  • In games where a team does not have exactly 10 players, playing time will be distributed as evenly as possible. If a team has 11 players some players will take turns sitting twice within a quarter. On days when a team has fewer than 10 due to absences some players will take turns playing twice per quarter. We will spread time as equally as possible in both situations, both within games and across the season.

  • The last 2 minutes of each half will be "play-to-win", where coaches have the discretion to play whomever they feel is appropriate, given the situation on the floor, how various players are playing that specific day, and other factors.

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