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Coach Teddy Basketball provides values-based basketball skills-training for boys and girls grades 3 through 12. Everything we do is focused on our foundational 120 philosophy, to up your game both on and off the court. We offer a variety of training options, one of which will be perfect fit to accelerate your basketball development. 

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Your player is our priority

At CTB Basketball, our top priority is your player’s experience and development. We strive to provide the best coaches, the most effective training, the right level of competition, and a demanding yet supportive and fun environment. If for any reason you are not happy with the services your player is receiving, we urge you to talk to Coach Teddy and he will work with CTB’s coaches and trainers to remedy the situation going forward. If you are still unhappy, we will gladly give you a refund, within these guidelines:


We will gladly refund any payments made for unused training sessions. If you have a membership we will give you a pro-rata refund for any unused training sessions remaining in your final membership period. If you have a pass we will give you a refund for any unused sessions remaining on your pass.

Eastside League

Refunds for the Eastside League are on a pro-rata basis. If your player chooses to leave CTB before the first league event of a given Eastside League season (draft day, practice, or game), we will refund 90% of your season’s payment. If your player chooses to leave after the first or second league event of the season, i.e. before the start of the third event, we will refund 70% of your season’s payment. There are no refunds after the beginning of third event of the season.

We appreciate your understanding of our pro-rata refund policy for the Eastside League. It is different than our policy for training for two reasons. First, we cap participation in the league, so the spot your player takes is one that could have gone to a different player as our seasons usually sell out. Second, the league has significant fixed costs such as coaches’ salaries, gym rentals, uniforms, and more.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest and participation in CTB Basketball. Our players inspire us, and we are dedicated to their experience and development. If you have questions or comments regarding our satisfaction guarantee, please contact Coach Teddy at 206.606.3105.

The CTB Satisfaction Guarantee

CTB Memberships come with several added benefits:


Your CTB membership entitles you to discounts on monthly training compared to passes, as well as discounts on leagues, camps, clinics, and other CTB services.

Unlimited Future Reservations

You'll be able to reserve your spot in our trainings for as far out as you like, unlike passes which only allow you to reserve for the number of sessions on your pass. When you have a membership you never have to worry about losing your spot!

Early Access

You'll be the first to know about CTB special events such as camps and clinics, and you'll be first in line to reserve your spot during a members-only registration period.


CTB Memberships are super flexible! 

Going to miss your regular class? No problem! Just give us 24 hours notice and we'll get you rescheduled for a make-up session, anytime from the next day to four weeks from the date of your missed session. 

Got vacation or holiday plans? No problem! Just pause your membership to stop all renewal charges until you unpause. In addition, for pauses of a month or less you get to keep all your future training reservations.

With make-ups and pauses, CTB memberships fit your busy family calendar.

More to Come

We're constantly thinking of ways to add to the perks of membership. Stay tuned!

Membership Benefits

On-Court Membership

Our On-Court Membership is by far our most popular.  It includes one small-group, on-court training per week.  It renews automatically every four weeks, so it's both less expensive and more convenient than buying standalone passes.  Other benefits include:

  • A very deep discount on our Virtual Membership, almost 65% off!

  • Free participation in our pop-up scrimmages

  • Access to selected workouts and other videos in our content library

Virtual Membership

Our Virtual Membership is a great way for your athlete to get in reps without ever leaving the driveway!  It includes two Zoom workouts each week, led by Coach Teddy and full of energy and fun. It also includes access to our archive of recordings of previous virtual workouts.

If your athlete can't get to the court with us, you can buy our Virtual Membership by itself, but if you're already an On-Court Member you can buy our Virtual Membership at almost a 65% discount!

Custom Memberships

Does your athlete still want more?  We love that attitude!  Talk to us and we'll work with you to create a custom membership that exactly fits their needs.  Let's go!

Which membership should I get?

No, you don't have to have a membership to train with us (although we do hate to see you miss out on all the benefits).  We have a pass just for you:

Train-As-You-Go Pass

If you to want to give us a try before becoming a member, or if you just want to train occasionally, you can get our Train-As-You-Go pass.  It comes with four small-group, on-court training sessions you can use anytime in a five week period, starting with your first training session.  

Do I have to have a membership?

Coach Teddy will talk with you to find the best sessions for your athlete.  Our class makeup is carefully curated to group athletes of similar skills and physical development, both to ensure everyone is challenged at the right level and for safety.  

Once a class is decided upon, we'll book a standing reservation for your athlete - you don't need to make class reservations yourself.  

How do I schedule trainings?

We plan our classes on a quarterly basis, roughly following the public school calendar.  Each quarter we'll work with you to find a weekly time that works best for your athlete.  Once the schedule is set for that quarter we'll do our utmost to keep it stable.  And we promise to give you as much advance warning as possible when suprises do come up, whether from inclement weather, school events, gym conflicts, or whatever else. 

Will my class schedule remain the same?

Absolutely!  We love training 1:1.  There's a pass for that too:

Private Training Pass

Our Private Training Pass comes with four 60-minutes, 1:1 sessions with Coach Teddy.  You can can schedule your privates as a standing appointment or reserve them one at a time online, whichever is easiest.  You can use them anytime within five weeks of your first training session.

Can I get private training?

Yes!  You could potentially have several types of memberships and passes.  For example, your athlete could get in the gym with us using the On Court Membership, train in the driveway using the Virtual Add-On Membership, and get with Coach Teddy for private 1:1 sessions using the Private Training Pass.   

If your athlete is hungry for still more, let's talk about creating a custom membership to give you the best deal possible.  And good on 'em!

Can I have more than one type of membership or pass?

No problem!  Just use the online calendar to let us know you won't be there.  If you do so with at least 24 hours notice we'll glady help you schedule a make-up session.  Sorry, but if you cancel within 24 hours there are no make-ups.  Thanks for your understanding.

What do I do if I need to miss a class or private?

Yes, of course you can pause your membership anytime!  Everyone needs a little vaction now and then.  Just talk to us and we'll temporarily suspend everything until you're ready to get back on the court.  We'd appreciate as much notice as possible.

Can I put my membership on hold?

You can cancel your membership anytime.  Just contact us and we'll stop all future charges.  You'll still get to use any trainings you've already paid for (sorry, no pro-rata refunds).

But wait! Let's talk before you cancel.  Is there anything we can do to keep you training with us?  We hate to see you go!  

How do I cancel my membership?

All our memberships come with some level of access to the video library we are building.  We're just starting to develop content, but here's what we have planned:

Virtual Workouts

All Virtual Memberships and On Court Memberships will have access to our archive of previous virtual workout sessions, so you can get reps in anytime of day or night, any day of the week, any time of the year.

Standard Training Videos

Our On Court Memberships will also include access to workout videos produced by us or our partners.  We intend to focus on specific topics, for example post moves, perimeter attacks, etc., so you can fine tune your game or work out trouble spots.

Premium Training Videos

We also plan to produce some premium content available for standalone purchase or at a discount with any membership.  Stay tuned for details!

What's in the CTB Video Library?

Learn About CTB Membership

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