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Hi, I'm Coach Teddy

Working with youth  is my passion

Basketball is my passion, plain and simple. The road to my love for basketball started out with a passion for athletics in general, specifically track. I was able to develop my skills in the 400m race and cross country, which gave me the opportunity to compete nationally. As I worked to master that sport, I wanted to push my body to new limits and develop additional skills. This is where I found my love for the game of basketball. I began to play basketball in middle school through high-school, my hard work enabled me to become one of our city’s top players. This then paved the way for my collegiate career as starting shooting guard for Georgian College in the greater Toronto area. I’m thankful for my time at Georgian because it allowed me to develop professional basketball skills that I have been able to use in my training sessions today.


One thing I know is that I wouldn’t have been as successful as I am today if it weren’t for those who coached, guided and mentored me along the way. I was very fortunate to be able to play under Coach Tarry Upshaw (Team Canada) in college and then work under him as part of the coaching staff at Georgian. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with a number of successful high schools programs, middle schools and even work with elementary aged players. 


My combined training and experience has led me to where I am now. Currently, I have the privilege of working with 100+ youth across King County, weekly. I’ve built partnerships with private schools and reputable organizations such as The LocalHoops Training Academy. Through my teachings and trainings, we’ve had unprecedented success that I am excited to continue.

Teddy is fantastic! We especially love his genuine desire to teach as well as his kindness, patience and continued encouragement while the kids learn. He was able to analyze specific areas of work for our daughter and then specialize a program to meet her training needs and take her to the next level. This has been a wonderful and well worth while experience for us! I can't say enough great things about Teddy and we feel very fortunate to have found him!

Kaitlyn's Mom
Yvette Waldroup Wagner

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Proud Partners with Eastlake Select

Coach Teddy Basketball is all about 120% effort in everything you do.  The 120 way of training is challenging, authentic, and supportive. Click each yellow word for details. 

Our training will take you outside your comfort zone, to the place where dramatic growth happens.  It's consistently high-energy and hard, but fun.  And throughout we'll hold you accountable to putting in the work necessary to achieve your goals.

Everything we do is within the bigger picture of building individual work ethic, instilling the value of teamwork, and laying the foundation for life skills off the court. We are always honest in our assessments and guidance, with your growth as our only priority.

We're in this together - we'll do what it takes to make you successful, because we haven't succeeded until you have.  All built on mutual trust and respect, with a little humor thrown in.

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