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Which membership should I get?

On-Court Membership

Our On-Court Membership is by far our most popular.  It includes one small-group, on-court training per week.  It renews automatically every four weeks, so it's both less expensive and more convenient than buying standalone passes.  Other benefits include:

  • A very deep discount on our Virtual Membership, almost 65% off!

  • Free participation in our pop-up scrimmages

  • Access to selected workouts and other videos in our content library

Virtual Membership

Our Virtual Membership is a great way for your athlete to get in reps without ever leaving the driveway!  It includes two Zoom workouts each week, led by Coach Teddy and full of energy and fun. It also includes access to our archive of recordings of previous virtual workouts.

If your athlete can't get to the court with us, you can buy our Virtual Membership by itself, but if you're already an On-Court Member you can buy our Virtual Membership at almost a 65% discount!

Custom Memberships

Does your athlete still want more?  We love that attitude!  Talk to us and we'll work with you to create a custom membership that exactly fits their needs.  Let's go!

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